Using the Zuber Ball

The Zuber Ball can be used to treat and prevent various conditions including plantar fasciitis and fasciosis, sciatica and DVT.

When used regularly, it can improve gait, posture, muscle tone, body alignment, flexibility, mobility, blood circulation and muscular efficiency.

The small bumps on the surface of the ball stimulate the skin and provide relief from inflammation and tightness while the silicon rubber tubing twists around the ankle to prevent the ball from rolling away.

How to use the Zuber Ball (foot):

  1. In a seated position (on a chair), place the rubber band around the ankle 
  2. The ball should now be in front of the foot
  3. Twist the band around the ankle once or twice (depending on the size of the foot) to form a figure of 8 shape.
  4. Bring the foot through the front of the figure 8 shape so that the ball is on the underside of the foot

  1. Now roll the ball back and forth, from heel to toe for one to two minutes
  2. You can adjust the pressure by leaning forward (when sitting) or by standing

The Zuber Ball is versatile and the ball or the cord can be used independently - rolling the ball on trigger points around the body and using the cord as a resistance band.  Detach the cord as follows.

Have a look at the following videos in which Charlene Duncan, a registered physiotherapist and exercise physiologist, demonstrates some simple massage techniques using the Zuber Ball and how it can be used to treat Plantar Fasciitis and Fasciosis.

You should also check out Charlene’s videos on how to use the Foam Ball for massage.

Please note: The techniques in these videos are not intended to be used as injury treatment or diagnosis and you should always consult your healthcare professional before using the product.  Parental guidance is recommended for children under the age of 16.